Nike 6.0 Surf Lessons Mentoring Kids

Mentoring Youth through Surfing and Sports / Marcus Barrera

Kids at RiskGangs,Dropouts,Early Pregnancy,This is just a few with many other negative descriptions in today’s minority youth in Los Angeles,Helping and mentoring these forgotten kids has been a challenge,The arduous path of creating a surfing mentoring program can be deterring.Fortunately, for many of kids at risk located around inner cities Marcus Barrera who despite many obstacles and decided to take a chance and created surf lessons mentoring program for the youth.Marcus Barrera owner of Surfriders Academy has ventured with Nike 6.0 and Stoked non-profit organization bring these kids down to Surf City Huntington Beach during the summer and get them involved with surf lessons,In the summer of 2010 Nike renovated a motel on the corner of Pacific coast hwy & 8th st in Huntington Beach and called it Motel No Tell, this is were we would meet up with the youth, give them some positive thoughts and pep talk and go out and surf.This program was a hit, it lasted 9 weeks! During the U.S. Open of Surfing that year we invited: Pro Surfer Lakey Peterson Champion of Junior Women’s U.S. Open of Surfing………… 2012 Champion

lakey peterson2

Lakey Peterson  Pro  Surfer

Monyca & Maricella
Pro Surfer Monyca Byrne Wickey 

Nike surf lessons 2011 Me,Koa Smith,Nic Von Rupp

Summer of 2011 we invited  Pro Surfer Koa Smith 

Nike surf lessons with Koa Smith & Nic Von Rupp

 Pro Surfer Nic Von Rupp Summer 2012

This has been a great impact reaching these kids at risk and mentoring them through action sports, I believe if we all give a little the reward is awesome, Thank you so much Nike 6.0 Stoked Mentor and of course are Professional Surfers, Lakey Peterson, Monyca Byrne Wickey, Koa Smith  Nic Von Rupp,for helping out and sharing your ALOHA 🙂