Surfing Techniques

Our beginner and intermediate lessons provide everything that you need, to have the most fun and safe SURFING time of your life!
If your not familiar with surfing at all, that’s ok we are here to help, Leaning to surf requires a lot of paddling infact 85% Paddling, your arms turn into legs in the water, like you use your legs to walk on land! so there is good part of upper body strength involved, But if you have NO upper strength or your not that physically in shape that ok too, Our surfing instructors are here to help you and push you into small waves all day, so you do not get that tired and enjoy the surf lesson.
  • We Emphasize on Safety First
  • Learn how to Push up & Stand
  • Feet & Body positioning
  • Paddling Techniques
  • Falling Techniques
  • When to Paddle for Wave
  • Learn how to Paddle over and  through a Wave
  • Ocean Awareness of Dangerous Rip and Side Currents
  • Surfing Etiquette
  • Reading Swell Direction and Conditions

Nike group surf lessons push up postion on surfboard Getting ready to push a stand on your surfboard

antwan timing the wave to paddle Timing and catching the wave

antwan proper feet position Feet Positioning on your surfboard

lea wipeout Falling Techniques ” You never want to dive head first in semi shallow water”

Friha power thru wave Lean how to push through and over a wave


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